Back into regular routine

The jet-lag has gone and life continues in it’s normal busy routine. Grandchildren; meetings (and more meetings); presentations to be written….and luckily still time to have a fun weekend away with my Rotary Club.  Not bad is less than 2 weeks.

It was wonderful to catch up with my three grandsons, who, it seems were as happy to see me as I was to see them. I like to believe it wasn’t just the presents from the trip!!! Had a fun time with the youngest, Jonah, aged 7, who spent the weekend with me and re-discovered all the games and toys that he stores at my place. Like me (and his two brothers) he faces neurological challenges at times, as he is on the autistic spectrum. They face different issues to my dementia, but on the same basis of having a brain that does not work like everyone else’s. A late starter in the language stakes, but understanding so much more than people realise. He is constantly smiling and gains so much pleasure from life, it is impossible not to smile with him. The lesson in life that I learn from Jonah, is that people don’t always understand us, but never to let that get in the way of getting on and doing what makes us happy.

Am very pleased to see the progress that we are making with the Central Coast Dementia Alliance.  We’re new and still finding our feet, but are working with one of the largest shopping Centres on the Central Coast, Westfield Tuggerah, to make it more accessible for everyone; with a particular focus on being dementia friendly. We are also organising a number of workshops, giving family and paid carers the opportunities to gain a better understanding of what it is like to live with dementia using Edie, technology lent to us by Dementia Australia.

Now it’s time to focus on my presentations for the New Zealand Alzheimer Association’s Conference, which takes place in Auckland next month.facebook_1536557195881


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