Dementia – a part-timejob?

Having a quiet day today, following a pretty full day of dementia related activities yesterday.

The day started with an online meeting of the steering committee, for a research program being completed by Palliative Care Australia (PCA), which is aimed at developing an end of life care planning for people with dementia document. An inspiring group of people from PCA, working in conjunction with aged care service providers. As with all research projects the early stages are slow, but we are getting close to piloting the study, so the excitement is building.

Following the  meeting it was time to prepare myself for the drive to Wyong Hospital, to catch up with Lauren from Central Coast Health and Dr. Tomiko Bennett, a senior geriatrician heading up the Aged Care / Dementia Care Team on the Upper Central Coast, to complete a photo-shoot to accompany our interviews for a media release in support of Dementia Awareness month.  Wyong Hospital is about an hour’s drive from home, which is more than I generally take on nowadays, as I am finding driving very tiring, although am dreading the day when it has to stop!!!! Arriving at the hospital in plenty of time, I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to park my car, finding one after driving around the main carpark and all the little (special) car parks numerous times. The photo-shoot, however, went well and will share some of the responses to the media shoot (if anything happens, lol).

My final dementia related task of the day was to speak at a combined Rotary Club meeting, attended by over 60 people to add their awareness to Dementia Awareness week.  It was good to be able to summarize the progress that the Central Coast Dementia Alliance have made in a relatively short  and to receive such positive feedback.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get home and head for bed. Exhausted as I was, I was able to remind myself that as well as increasing awareness, I was also completing a major part of my own treatment program which is to stay socially engaged and involved in meaningful activities.


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