Monthly Archives: October 2018

A month has passed

I’ve been really slack and let a whole month pass, without posting. I can blame it on busyness, but is that real….don’t they say you can always find the time to do the things you really want to do? I can blame tiredness..the busyness makes me tired, and allows me to say, I’ll write tomorrow when I’m not so tired ….but then I am busy again.

I look back into my diary to see what has been keeping me busy….of course we have had 2 weeks of school holidays, so much of that time has been spent with my three grandsons. I have them individually during the school holidays, to give each of them some one to one Nanna time, so I have seen three movies; Christopher Robin; Paw Patrol; and the Rowan Atkinson movie (can’t remember its name). All entertaining though. Now I can’t drive up to my daughter’s, to pick the boys up anymore, it is a bit of a hike on public transport….a train and two buses, to cover the 78kms getting there, only to turn round and do it again in reverse order. My son-in-law came and picked one of them up, and we have also worked out that whenever possible he will meet me at the station to cut out the bus trips, which cuts the journey down by half….wish my daughter had learnt to drive!!!!!

I’ve also done three Community presentations, on dementia, two at Rotary Clubs, and one at Umina Mens Shed. At each one I have had someone come up to me afterwards and say, “I’m pretty sure I have denentia, but haven’t told anyone else yet”. The fear and the stigma is still so strong – hopefully each of them will take my advice and speak to their families and go to see their GPs.

I’ve had the normal run of meetings, both Rotary and Dementia related; and at the moment am in Auckland following a 3 day Conference, that ended today, put on by Alzheimers New Zealand, which was amazing but exhausting – physically and emotionally. Perhaps I had better make that a separate post, as my eyes are blurring and maybe yours are too!!!

Hope my waffling isn’t too boring. I at least feel less guilty looking back over the month and realising that the busyness is real not imagined and that there is a definite excuse for my tardiness. ❤