A day and a half!!!!

Another big day, with my interview with the ABC Radio Central Coast going on air at 7-15am this morning. It was actually my first radio interview, so I was a bit nervous, as I hate the sound of my voice on replayed recordings, especially now that I sometimes struggle to get my sentences out. On hearing the play back, I was quite relieved to hear that with good editing (thanks to pre-recording, rather than going live), I sounded quite coherent….phew!!!!!

The interview was to promote dementia awareness, and was basically around my personal story of diagnosis and current state, but I tried to focus on the positive results of keeping actively involved, to emphasise the point that there is life after a dementia diagnosis.

Today also saw me at a round table meeting with the Federal Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM  MP., to discuss the Terms of Reference for the upcoming Royal Commission that has been called to look at issues within our Aged Care Services.

It was somewhat shocking to realise that around 30 of us, from various backgrounds were expected to present our ideas in 1 hour!!!!! One would suspect that rubber stamping is at play here, and how much of what was said would be taken on board. In spite of this, I was pleasantly surprised at the constructive nature of the presentations. I was also pleased that although I was only able to present a small part of what I had hoped to put forward, all of my points were presented from around the table, during the meeting.  I focussed on the need for the Commission to work from a Human Rights perspective, and the need for better basic education and training for staff, in order to move away from the BPSD framework, to the recognition of “behaviours” being an expression of unmet needs. I also was able to identify the particular challenges for people with a dementia diagnosis who live alone, without a live in carer, and the need for a review of home care services to avoid our early entry into residential facilities. I think I got my 2 minutes worth!!!!

With 2 hours travelling each way, to and from the meeting, on top of everything else today, I’m now home in my pyjamas, more than ready for my bed. So goodnight my friends…..tomorrow is another day.



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